Executive Summary


Business Vision

BUZNEZ FONE Launch WCDMA telecommunications

Buznez Fone was the first company under the Auspices of Coalition CSTO to be  successfully operating a fully fledged WCDMA platform in South Africa 2010.

This technology will gave users in South Africa the ability to initiate and terminate calls at previously unheard of rates in the mobile arena.

Buznez Fone will eventually support Free on net calls on certain packages at certain times and currently will provide mobile at a rate of R0-90 per minute (on a per second basis) to all cellular providers and access to fixed line at an average rate of 55c per minute

Buznez Fone seeks to change the way business is done in the telecommunications sector.

There are no contracts and no tie in.

There are no purchase fees as the Buznez Fone is FREE.

There is a refundable Security Deposit that can be returned if a customer is not fully satisfied and the stock is in order.


The Company

BUZNEZ Fone is a 100 % black owned, managed and operated company set up to merge the marketing, sales skills and relationships of various experts in technology within the telecommunications industry.

BUZNEZ Fone has taken advantage of various opportunities that have presented themselves in the South African and African mobile and technology market places.

BUZNEZ Fone has recognised the national need for access to cheaper airtime and the freedom to communicate and has thus established a distribution channel for hardware movement in and outside ofSouth Africa. We expect to supply more than 18 franchises inAfricaunder the BUZNEZ FONE banner by the end of July 2010.These franchises will market our hardware products and distribute annuity products complimentary to the electronic and telephony industry across a wide spectrum.

Mission Statement

To create a larger more recognised brand promoting annuity based products operational in South Africa and Africa specializing in virtual products including but not limited to Pre-paid GSM Cellular Airtime, POSTPAID Cellular Contracts, Pre-paid Electricity,

Pre-paid Water access, Pre-paid Insurance Policies, Pre-paid DSTV etc and ensuring technical advancements that achieve ease of transaction and increased security in transactions.


Description of business

BUZNEZ Fone operates it’s own backend servers and remains in control of all processes, attending to any technical issues immediately with a response time of 5-8 seconds. The business in most instances markets and distributes it’s products and services through its approved dealers.

BUZNEZ Fone distributes wholesale and retail personal computers, cellular products, and airtime to dealers, owns and operates its own call centre from a building owned by the business, in addition to selling to distributors and service providers and end users in the South African and African markets. We are a user, re-distributor of Airtime for Vodacom and Cell C and MTN networks on the community platform inSouth   Africa. InAfricathe distribution sales have been achieved through network. BUZNEZ Fone is currently planning the set up of international operations as subsidiary companies. BUZNEZ FONE will create a new range of retail positioning focussing on offering annuity or recurring income products that will compliment each other within the insurance industry and the cellular industry, with the prime focus being electronic top up and structured micro lending directly or through organisations and unions supported by African Bank through Quattro and Target Capital. An exciting range of annuity based security products will be offered. BUZNEZ FONE in partnership with BBK (China), designs, modifies and manufactures hardware addressing the unique requirements of the public telephony (PTU) and electronic pre-paid top up markets.


The Running of the Business:


Buznez Fone  is a business that has sought to encompass various principles:

  • To promote the ability to provide a service that is needed and to supplement that responsibly with added value products that will certainly be required for ultimate feasibility and the maintenance of an      acceptable level of profitability.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction through all levels of the  practical implementation of the model and the continued maintenance of the  business. Practically recognising that if our customers are not satisfied      they will not recharge, refer additional business, or continue to support  the business.
  • To develop and run exciting competitions for dealers and for vendors to ensure responsible sales and ensure re-chargers.
  • To make certain that we fulfill all our responsibilities to the industry so that our business is sustained.


BUZNEZ Fone have sought to ensure that we promote our products in a responsible manner using print media viz. Sowetan, Ilanga, Isolezwe, Daily News, Mercury, Argus, Isibani, Tabloids etc. and to distribute pamphlets, posters and sign boards and distribution companies like Webmail International and DataDist etc.

Our dealership programme also goes some way to ensuring that we have more reach into the communities and attract business through responsible dealers who have respect and rapport being cellular dealers, computer retailers or entrepreneurs in those areas. This process allows COALITION to share the benefits of the business with other companies and at the same time reduces elements of risk in that they then share the responsibility to roll over a customer or to avoid a churn. This process works well for us currently.

We have a helpdesk that is available to our customers for queries and due to the fact that the servers run from three locations there is no downtime. Even over week-ends the help desk is available and provided funds reflect in our accounts we can transfer stock to customers, via remote if we are not near the server thus ensuring customer service that is fast and efficient.

Contact Us


30 Albert Street                                                                            P.O Box 49057

Durban                                                                                               Qualbert



Tel: 031 305 7866                                                                          Fax 086 590 2011



Adv. A Cassim